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Art For Everyone

Under the Sea


We provide art classes for children and adults. We make it fun and interesting to learn. There is always a snack on hand. Please feel free to try out our Expresso Bar. We also have a gallery that sells these art pieces. This is a spacious, comfortable setting in which children and adults can thrive in pursuit of their own style of art.

All of the paintings sold here are by professional artists. They are also teaching our up-and-comers.

If you are looking for any particular art, or want to commission one -- please contact.

If you are interested in any art forms and are needing classes, contact us and we will find a teacher for you.

If you are interested in teaching a particular medium, please contact.

White Fabric


  Helps us help kids that can't afford to take classes, we need help with supplies. Thank you.


We are a club that allows kids (and adults) to learn at their own speed. We let them know what events are coming up and let them decide if -- and what they would like to make for that particular event. They learn to manage their own time line for their art. In this way, they get a tast of what it is like to meet deadlines. They get the full feeling of being an artist, without the pressure. They have fun and work with adult artists who are looking for their own next step.

Picture of a stained glass octopus.
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